And The Stockings Are Hung

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I am done my decorating for this Christmas! This past week was a little crazy, my poor youngest son, has been home all week really sick! Yep, as you can imagine I am waaayyyy behind, we have been in the house together for a week, oral steroids and all! If I was taking the oral steroids everything would be done, but since it was my son, the distractions were uncountable! I love him dearly, he has an active ten-year old boy, science loving mind, but by the time he was putting blue food die in the cool mist humidifier, I thought I would pull my hair out! Yep, because who uses blue dye at Christmas time…really! Red or green would have been much more appropriate! Well, anyway, I got decorated and I’m hoping that Santa is going to be able to stop in…thank goodness for the Internet! I used to be a perfectionist, but I learned that life is too short and we have to cut ourselves a break and have fun….nothing is perfect and perfection is an unachievable goal! I’m going to be honest….my youngest son, that was so sick last week suffers from chronic asthma, and it stinks! When I was taking him to the doctors, for the second time, while he was sick, I was not thinking of all the stuff I had to do for the holidays or my school work, because I knew I would do what I could do,but he was first that day, which ended up being a week. I said to him, which I tell him every time he is sick, but this time it was different, I think because I was really swamped! If I had one wish, any wish, even a million dollars, I would only wish for your asthma to be gone! I would give anything for him not to ever think about having or living with asthma. Honestly, let’s keep it all in perspective, some years, weeks, and days don’t go as planned….but smile and move on! Laugh and live! So, anyway now that I have poured out my heart, here is my Christmas tour!


Mantel Decorating Ideas

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There are so many different looks to decorate your mantel.  Often, your mantel is the focal point of a room and is a great place to set the tone of the space.  Your mantel is usually not a large area but is inviting when it is done right!  Take the time to make it unique, fun and inspirational!  Here are some ideas that I have done and others that are my favorites!