A Sweet Sixteen At Christmas!

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A couple of years ago, the day after Christmas my daughter decided she wanted to surprise her dear friend since preschool, with a Sweet Sixteen party at our house! I have this belief that when my kids want to do something at our house with their friends I always try to say, “Yes“. I love that they want to have their friends over and they want to be here…so I said “sure”….and with a couple other of her friends we threw a together a great party! I think it was one of my favorites! We hit the stores, which equals some great sales, the day after Christmas! We decided for favors to have a “give away” of the birthday girl’s favorite things. The girls handed out gift bags and took turns telling stories of why it was the birthday girl’s favorite! Then we had a cake and filled the desert table with a candy bar and boxes so the guests could take home candy! We had so much fun….I was thinking of this party today, because my house was all decorated for Christmas, but we mixed the “Sweet Sixteen” in beautifully!


The Perfect Wine For A Wonderful 50th Anniversary!

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It was a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend shared with family and friends! We celebrated a very special occasion for a wonderful couple, my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! There was no way it would go unnoticed, since they were married the day after President Kennedy was assassinated! It was such sad day in history, but it was beautiful new beginning for my parents. They insisted that they did not want a party, so my siblings and myself decided to host a dinner with all their children, grandchildren and their siblings in a wine cellar at a local restaurant. Since it was out we didn’t have to do too much, but wanted to add some special touches. I kept the flowers simple, and did white roses with gold and white ribbon. With all the themed wine that they sell now, I thought it would be fun to find a wine related to this occasion for the guests to take home. I was lucky to find two wines, one is named “I Do” and the other is called “Forever”, they looked so nice on the table and of course everyone was happy to take a bottle home!

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Peony Power!

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Peony Power!.

This table is beautiful!

Interesting Glass Ware!

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When I was in my favorite store, Anthropology I couldn’t resist photographing their great glassware and these completely awesome kitchen/bar towels! I’m not a salesperson for this store nor do I get one free item from them, but this season their housewares really excite me! I felt I should pass the excitement on to you! The glasses in all the different colors are so much fun especially mixed with their dishes. The clear stem ware was so pretty and retro with the etched glass. OK…but the towels…they are the best! I love the just married theme ones….I wish I knew someone getting married! I have to go back and get some Christmas ones….I couldn’t decide on one when I was there, they were all so cute!

Delicious Dishes!

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This past weekend I spent a lovely couple of days in New York City, and went into one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie! I actually got to go into three separate NYC Anthropologies! My favorite one is in Rockefeller Center, the housewares displays are to die for! Now it is time to put the witches away and just leave the pumpkins out for the transition from the fall season into the winter holiday season. The November chill in the air creates the mood for planning all kinds of decorating and entertaining ideas! Every year I budget to “invest” in something for the house for the holidays. I call this purchase an investment because it brings huge returns in memories and the joy of opening our home up to friends and family! It has helped me build a collection of decorations and serving ware over the years that are connected to many fond holidays! It also keeps my ideas and decorations fresh! I took pictures at Anthropologie because I couldn’t resist their great displays and the fun collection they have for the season!

Pretty Patterns: Decorating with Roses

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This room is so inviting!

plaid parasol

Feminine, fancy and floral – here are stylish ways to incorporate the most popular of flowers into your decor.

Floral Arrangements

The simplest way to incorporate roses in your decor is with a store-bought or homegrown bouquet. To give your bunch added style; think twice about what vase you drop them into. Here, an urn displays a pink hued bouquet beautifully. This contrast of an old, partially glazed piece of pottery and the delicate petals makes for an unusual yet appealing display.

Source: https://www.plaidparasol.com/blog/pretty-patterns-decorating-with-roses

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