It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

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I have been busy decorating like most of you! While I’m not ready for the Christmas tour photo shoot I plan to do, I wanted to share some of my special Christmas decorating traditions. My beloved Santa collection is spreading cheer throughout the house and a couple other decorations that are near to my heart!

I love to replace my coffee table books with the treasured collection of Christmas books I have read to my kids over the years.
Pile up Christmas stories on your coffee table
Pile up Christmas stories on your coffee table
All of my pictures are replaced with Christmas pictures of my children of years gone by! Another favorite is my daughter’s first Christmas dress, she was only three weeks old that Christmas. My Grandmother was so excited to buy her the beautiful red velvet dress. I love to hang the dress every year on the back of my powder room door! I also have a tradition that every Christmas Eve I give each of my children their own tree ornament and their Christmas pajamas. I try to pick an ornament that reminds me of something they did that year or just reminds me of them. This is always one of my favorite gifts to pick out, because I know they will treasure these for years to come! I started buying their ornaments from their first Christmas so they will have a tree full of ornaments and memories for their homes! The dates and their initials are marked on the bottom of each ornament….where have the years gone!


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