The Perfect Wine For A Wonderful 50th Anniversary!

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It was a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend shared with family and friends! We celebrated a very special occasion for a wonderful couple, my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! There was no way it would go unnoticed, since they were married the day after President Kennedy was assassinated! It was such sad day in history, but it was beautiful new beginning for my parents. They insisted that they did not want a party, so my siblings and myself decided to host a dinner with all their children, grandchildren and their siblings in a wine cellar at a local restaurant. Since it was out we didn’t have to do too much, but wanted to add some special touches. I kept the flowers simple, and did white roses with gold and white ribbon. With all the themed wine that they sell now, I thought it would be fun to find a wine related to this occasion for the guests to take home. I was lucky to find two wines, one is named “I Do” and the other is called “Forever”, they looked so nice on the table and of course everyone was happy to take a bottle home!

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