Make An Old Piece Of Furniture New!

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Well, I have to admit I have been known to trash pick furniture.  I don’t do it often but when something catches my eye and has great shape or interest, I’m not proud, I’ll grab it!  Yep, even in broad daylight!  One of my favorite stories is, one day while I was out running, I noticed a chest that caught my eye in the trash.  I stopped and looked at it and thought it was worth grabbing.  I ran to get my van and an unsuspecting friend,  and we decided  it was worth “picking”.  I knew it was pretty big but that chest was HEAVY!  We had to take all the drawers out to get it in the car and then we dragged it into her garage.  She later had it painted to match her daughter’s room.  It turned out beautiful and doesn’t look “picked” at all!

Over the years I had acquired odd pieces of furniture that sometimes would find a place in my home and the rest just in my basement.  I couldn’t throw any of  this furniture out because it had to much meaning.  It all had been cherished pieces from my parents or grandparents that I remember being in their homes, but just didn’t fit in mine.  I held on to all the odd pieces of furniture with the hope that it would find a meaniful place someday.

Then when we were doing our house at the beach, I figued out how I could use all this furniture!   I decided to get it all painted and coordinate the different pieces!  It wouldn’t matter if it was pine, oak, maple, victorian, shaker or whatever, because it would all be painted to match a common theme!  Then I found a great local shop in Collingswood called The Painted Cottage that paints old and new furniture however you choose!   I purchased some of their pieces and they painted my old pieces to match.

I love having so many meaniful pieces of furniture together and it was fun to coordinate them with paint rather then wood or style!  Go check out your basement you may find a place for  old some things!


One thought on “Make An Old Piece Of Furniture New!

    Diane Atkinson said:
    November 22, 2013 at 8:28 am

    Beautiful pieces!

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