I Love My Laundry Room-Really!

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It may sound crazy to say I love my laundry room but I really do!  Last year the house project that we took on, was to improve the space that I spend so much time in!  Laundry is far from my favorite pass time, but what makes it less pleasant is being in a space that just doesn’t work!  Our laundry room is also our mudroom so it is a “drop off”  for the family’s “stuff”.  We also keep a not so pretty dog crate in the laundry room.  After purchasing a front load washer and dryer….they are nice, but robbed the little floor space I had, we had to make some improvements!   We were able to reorganize existing cabinets that we had and still purchase matching ones.  I came up with a pull out shelf idea for my laundry baskets (one of my favorite ideas!) and made a undercounter spot for our dog crate.  Once we figured everything out, we got to work!  The other half of “we”  is my husband, I have to give him credit, I am great at coming up with ideas and then making them pretty but he makes them work!  I was given a creative mind but NO mechanical ability and he is the opposite….works out great!


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