Kitchen Remodel

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Renovating your kitchen is usually the biggest and most expensive improvement you will do in your home.  There are so many decisions to make from the flooring, cabinet style and color, appliances, sinks….yes I could go on!   I don’t know about you, but I spend so much time in my kitchen….it truly is the heart of my home.  My husband and I cook together, my kids never seem to notice me “hanging out” with them and their friends when I am feeding them!  We did our kitchen about three years ago and it was such a project! We were a family of five living out of a college size refrigerator , a toaster and a microwave….no fun!  My poor youngest son….we sang happy birthday to him with his cookie cake on the washer all squashed in the laundry room!  I have no regrets, it was worth every inconvenience!  So, about a year ago my friend decided to do her kitchen and called on me and my husband for some advice….I have to say….I loved helping with her kitchen!  They also used Apple Kitchens in Moorestown, after doing their own research and our recommendation.  I didn’t have to live in the mess, but I got to be in the middle of it,  help with ideas, but walk away!  I love to see walls come down to the studs and the transformation to a new and open space!


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