Buttons! Buttons!

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My button jar
My button jar
After years of cutting buttons out of sweaters and leaving them in drawers, I decided to make a button jar! It sits in my laundry room and has come in handy for many different crafts! My kids have decorated picture frames, made cards and used them for other various projects. This is one of my easy and fun ideas that I came up with to use buttons. I got the idea when my Grandmother was in the nursing home and had bulletin boards full of family pictures. The push pins looked so plain and boring around her lifetime of beautiful pictures! First, I went to the craft store and brought different scrapbook paper to frame out the pictures, then as I was adding the push pins I was annoyed because they looked horrible! So, thinking of my button jar, I came up with the idea to hot glue buttons to the top of the push pins! It added so much personality to the board! I made buttons that looked old fashion for her old pictures, masculine for her boy Grandchildren and feminine for the girls! When my daughter went to college my youngest son made the button push pins for her bulletin board. They are a cute little gift for a stocking stuffer or to add with a gift card for teachers, students or friends!


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    […] Buttons! Buttons! (wannabehome.wordpress.com) […]

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