Hang On To The Memories This Fall!

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The dancing ghosts!  so much fun in the wind!
The dancing ghosts! so much fun in the wind!
Our scary witch!
Our scary witch!

When my husband came home with this witch to surprise our toddler children about thirteen years ago, I thought to myself she is scary and kind of ugly! He was so proud of her scary look that I added her to our yearly decorations! She found her way outside, not far from the front door. I did warm up to her and enjoyed mixing her in with my mums and pumpkins for the month of October. My kids never seemed to say much about her….maybe they were too afraid! Last week my daughter came home from college and commented on how she LOVES that witch! That lady sitting on the pumpkin has been our Halloween tradition for about thirteen years! It is so much fun to put out a decoration or follow a tradition that has been part of your family though the years!

Another decoration I have admired for years has been my friends ghosts, happily holding their ghostly hands dancing around a tree. It looks like they are joyfully playing a childhood game! She shared with me that assembling the dancing ghosts was a tradition that she did with her Mom growing up and now she is passing on the memories to her children…and we get to enjoy seeing them every year!


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