An air of Autumn

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Love the Angel Food candle from Anthrolopogie!

Fairly Light

Adding ambience and warmth to my cottage is one of my most favourite things about Autumn – out come the blankets and on come the lamps. I burn candles all year round but the shift in seasons does mean that the candles are lit for a lot longer in our house a the moment.

Baies_Jo_MaloneLighting a scented candle adds an elegant aroma and soft glow to any room. As the nights become longer than the days, I’m stocking up on tea lights and tapers and considering treating myself to something a little more luxurious than a Sainsbury’s twelve pack of dinner candles.

I received my very first Diptyque candle  recently as for years I couldn’t understand why anyone would spend more than a fiver on a candle. However I am now converted and am a little bit in love with the Baies creation. My bedroom smells of roses and blackcurrant leaves all week long…

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