Neighborhood Garage Sale Time Again!

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One man’s trash is another man’s tresure, what he dont appreciate the next man will -Unknown

As I headed out for my morning run many of my neighbors were up early moving their cars out of their driveways getting ready with hopes of turning their unused junk into cash with the neighborhood garage sale!  We didn’t particpate this year because it is parents weekend at my daughters school, and of course that is where I would rather be!  As I was running I started thinking of all the neighborhood garage sales over the years….18 to be exact!   One  year I  got a little wooden desk with the lift up top that my kids used for years to play school….something I still can’t part with!  It was always full of coloring books, crayons, pens, pencils etc.!   A couple years that I participated I did pretty well, selling old bikes, baby stuff, all the big plastic toys, things that were still useable but my kids outgrew.  Then one year the crowd seemed “different”  I didn’t feel like my “good used stuff” was going to a Grandmothers home for the beloved Grandchildren when they come to visit, a teacher trying to build a classroom or a family who maybe has to watch their spending.  I felt like this crowd just wanted “stuff cheap” to possibly resell it….who am I to judge….really it isn’t my business!  Somehow I took it personally, like that beloved desk, I wanted my “stuff” to be appreciated.  I had old furniture that I could see painted and loved, I guess that is my “making a home special” attitude coming out!  So, for the next couple years I just gave my stuff away to people who could use it and it made them happy!

Well, then I had  started accumulating more “stuff”  maybe even bordering on “junk” !  My kids had gotten older and it their clothes  were harder to fit different body shapes, but it was good Abercrombie, Gap and American Eagle stuff, old sports equipement etc.  It was all “stuff “people could use but I didn’t have the   ” big ticket items” garage salers where loooking for.  So I had this great idea!  How about I don’t ask for a penny….everything in my driveway is free, you just have to make a donation!  I got balloons put them on the corner with a big arrow…..sure to draw a crowd!  The kids just hung out and helped shove  money in the donation jar….what a great life lesson for them.  My youngest was even giving away donuts and lemonade for donations!   One year my theme was “Crap For A Cure”  I put out a big donation jar with a picture of my Uncle’s niece who had  just lost her battle with Leukemia and her family was walking in her honor that weekend.  We raised over $500.00!!  People milled around picked out some “stuff” , talked, didn’t bargain they just gave what they could!  Then the next year my neighbors daughter was doing the 3-day Susan Komen walk for a cure and she was short about $400. from her goal.  It felt so awesome to hand her a donation jar with over $450.00 in it!!

So many memories over the years….my kids still love this day!   They walk through the neighborhood with friends, going from house to house.   My youngest just came in with $3.00 handle bars to redo his beach cruiser!  Oh boy, my fifteen year old just proudly dragged home an R2D2 full size cooler!   “Mom it was only $10.00! my friends Grandmother told me when she was holding it for me she could have gotten $20.00 for this three times!”   Hmmm, somehow I don’t see this being as loved as the cute little wooden desk but time marches on!

Ape hanger handlebars, only $3!
Ape hanger handlebars, only $3!
R2D2 Cooler, $10.
R2D2 Cooler, $10.

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