Christmas Centerpiece Time!

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I just finished my centerpieces for Christmas Day! I did them a little early this year so I could inspire you to do your own! Normally, I do them on Christmas Eve morning so they are good for most of Christmas week. I know nothing about flower arranging, except that I love to have a lot of flowers around my house for the Holidays and parties and I don’t like to pay to have them done by a florist! I also think you can pick prettier flowers when you DIY flower arrangements. A couple of years ago I started looking at the beautiful arrangements that they make in my local grocery store and I started buying the same flowers and vases and hoping for the best! It really isn’t that hard and it is fun! This year for Christmas, I choose to do red roses and white hydrangea – I have learned that I can pre-order my flowers and they will have them ready for pick-up. This is nice, because you know that they will have the flowers that you want and they will be fresh. I also love working with vases that I have bought at the florist. These two are my favorites! The large round one is great for rose bowls and hydrangea arrangements, which are easy and forgiving arrangements for beginners! Then I take ribbon and tie it around the vases. Next, to do the arrangement with the hydrangea you cut about three stems, the flowers are huge and place them in the vase. You have two options with the roses, the one I did in the pictures puts all the roses in a group, I like to use this look when I do a rose bowl on my table with it. You can also fill the hydrangea in the vase and push the roses into the hydrangea throughout the arrangement. Either way, I use three hydrangea and a dozen roses. The cranberries were pretty to add to the arrangements but a little tricky to work with. First off, you will need a lot, if they are small bags about 1 1/2 per large vase. Cranberries float, so you put about half in, add a little bit of water, then put your flowers into the vase. When most of your flowers are in, add more and push the cranberries down as you add your water and remaining flowers. Next, we will make the rose bowl, you will need about 2 dozen roses. Start by cutting them and adding them one at a time, on an angle, then the center, and keep going around. I had some extra roses so I just put them in the smaller vase for another spot in the house. There is nothing prettier then fresh flowers at Christmastime! Here is my table done!R65mxLV4XXWiQMYc.jpgtTFdvY0IVeZbYDHD.jpg Have fun!


How About A Rein-Beer?

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BjHm7L5wvmBXRTYo.jpgxTe3JUEGUoSvZdqv.jpgMy daughter is home from college and she happens to be my favorite shopping buddy! The other day we were out together trying to finish our last-minute shopping for Christmas and we found some cool bottle openers. Thinking of a fun way to give them to friends, she said we could make some rein-beer. She pulls up the idea on Pinterest and I loved it! We made some rein-beers and tied the bottle openers to the case. It is a festive way to bring beer to a party, or we are going to make some for Christmas day to put out for fun!

A Sweet Sixteen At Christmas!

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A couple of years ago, the day after Christmas my daughter decided she wanted to surprise her dear friend since preschool, with a Sweet Sixteen party at our house! I have this belief that when my kids want to do something at our house with their friends I always try to say, “Yes“. I love that they want to have their friends over and they want to be here…so I said “sure”….and with a couple other of her friends we threw a together a great party! I think it was one of my favorites! We hit the stores, which equals some great sales, the day after Christmas! We decided for favors to have a “give away” of the birthday girl’s favorite things. The girls handed out gift bags and took turns telling stories of why it was the birthday girl’s favorite! Then we had a cake and filled the desert table with a candy bar and boxes so the guests could take home candy! We had so much fun….I was thinking of this party today, because my house was all decorated for Christmas, but we mixed the “Sweet Sixteen” in beautifully!

And The Stockings Are Hung

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I am done my decorating for this Christmas! This past week was a little crazy, my poor youngest son, has been home all week really sick! Yep, as you can imagine I am waaayyyy behind, we have been in the house together for a week, oral steroids and all! If I was taking the oral steroids everything would be done, but since it was my son, the distractions were uncountable! I love him dearly, he has an active ten-year old boy, science loving mind, but by the time he was putting blue food die in the cool mist humidifier, I thought I would pull my hair out! Yep, because who uses blue dye at Christmas time…really! Red or green would have been much more appropriate! Well, anyway, I got decorated and I’m hoping that Santa is going to be able to stop in…thank goodness for the Internet! I used to be a perfectionist, but I learned that life is too short and we have to cut ourselves a break and have fun….nothing is perfect and perfection is an unachievable goal! I’m going to be honest….my youngest son, that was so sick last week suffers from chronic asthma, and it stinks! When I was taking him to the doctors, for the second time, while he was sick, I was not thinking of all the stuff I had to do for the holidays or my school work, because I knew I would do what I could do,but he was first that day, which ended up being a week. I said to him, which I tell him every time he is sick, but this time it was different, I think because I was really swamped! If I had one wish, any wish, even a million dollars, I would only wish for your asthma to be gone! I would give anything for him not to ever think about having or living with asthma. Honestly, let’s keep it all in perspective, some years, weeks, and days don’t go as planned….but smile and move on! Laugh and live! So, anyway now that I have poured out my heart, here is my Christmas tour!

It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

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I have been busy decorating like most of you! While I’m not ready for the Christmas tour photo shoot I plan to do, I wanted to share some of my special Christmas decorating traditions. My beloved Santa collection is spreading cheer throughout the house and a couple other decorations that are near to my heart!

I love to replace my coffee table books with the treasured collection of Christmas books I have read to my kids over the years.
Pile up Christmas stories on your coffee table
Pile up Christmas stories on your coffee table
All of my pictures are replaced with Christmas pictures of my children of years gone by! Another favorite is my daughter’s first Christmas dress, she was only three weeks old that Christmas. My Grandmother was so excited to buy her the beautiful red velvet dress. I love to hang the dress every year on the back of my powder room door! I also have a tradition that every Christmas Eve I give each of my children their own tree ornament and their Christmas pajamas. I try to pick an ornament that reminds me of something they did that year or just reminds me of them. This is always one of my favorite gifts to pick out, because I know they will treasure these for years to come! I started buying their ornaments from their first Christmas so they will have a tree full of ornaments and memories for their homes! The dates and their initials are marked on the bottom of each ornament….where have the years gone!

‘Tis The Season–Fa La La La!

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The phrase Fa la la! has become a little joke for a couple of my friends and me! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but when the stress of it all get’s to us, we let out a little Fa la la! Come on, we all have these moments…when you are baking cookies with your kids, only to be doing it all by yourself after only 15 minutes. When the BIG gift from ‘Santa’ can’t be found, shopping for that relative that has everything or got to love the years the stomach bug goes through the entire house Christmas week…Ugh! So, we laugh and let out a Fa la la!! It is all fun in the end and the family memories are priceless. I’m thinking of all the wonderful years’ past as I’m pulling out my Santas and my Christmas tree is put up and lit! I’m getting started tonight! I’ll have the after pictures soon! Fa la la!

The Perfect Wine For A Wonderful 50th Anniversary!

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It was a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend shared with family and friends! We celebrated a very special occasion for a wonderful couple, my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! There was no way it would go unnoticed, since they were married the day after President Kennedy was assassinated! It was such sad day in history, but it was beautiful new beginning for my parents. They insisted that they did not want a party, so my siblings and myself decided to host a dinner with all their children, grandchildren and their siblings in a wine cellar at a local restaurant. Since it was out we didn’t have to do too much, but wanted to add some special touches. I kept the flowers simple, and did white roses with gold and white ribbon. With all the themed wine that they sell now, I thought it would be fun to find a wine related to this occasion for the guests to take home. I was lucky to find two wines, one is named “I Do” and the other is called “Forever”, they looked so nice on the table and of course everyone was happy to take a bottle home!

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